The 20’s is ver crucial period in anyone’s lifetime. When you study the lives of top billionaires of the world, most of them would have laid the foundations of their success in their 20’s – 30’s in some or the other way. Though they would not have achieved their goal in that age, the foundation for their success was laid during that  period which later got reflected in their life.

This tells the significance of the 20’s in our life. This is the age where the people have the time and energy to chase their dreams and build their lives. In this context, the people in their early 20’s should invest their time and energy in certain assets that would lay the foundations for their success. Some of those assets are –

SELF DISCIPLINE :  Self discipline kills the most important enemy of the people i.e., the procrastination. It helps us in getting our things done on time and also stay focused on what we want.

Here some people say that self determination is what drives us to success in any stage of our life irrespective of our age. But the most important thing that these people don’t realise is that the self determination itself adopts the self discipline as the first step in the journey towards success. If you see the top billionaires of the world, they are extremely self disciplined, getting up before the sunrise and start their daily routine. They don’t do this for a few days but throughout the year no matter what people say or think behind them. This is because they know that without self discipline, they can’t go forward in their journey.

KNOWLEDGE :  Our present education system has led to many false assumptions on knowledge and education. It completely revolves around books with hardly any practical learning. The thing that many of us don’t realise is that, what can be learnt through books in 3 years can be learnt through practical knowledge and experience in just 6 months. So those in their early 20’s should invest in enhancing their knowledge. Studying the textbooks and getting the degrees should not be their only goal.

Again, the negative connotations and assumptions around the books should be broken here. If you ask the people about how many books have they read after their formal education, most of them would say, not even one. This shows the falsified notions surrounding the books that they are meant only for getting degrees. In this stage, the people in their early 20’s should realise the value of knowledge that the books provide us and read as many books as they could. They can read the books to enhance their knowledge on any one particular thing/subject or many in general. But the point here should be READ READ &READ more to gain the knowledge.

QUALITY RELATIONSHIPS :  Though we can build good relationships in any stage of our life, the qualitative relationships in the most crucial period of our lives serves us more. The people with whom we can share this kind of relations are those who can match our wavelength and understand our views and actions. They would support us in every step in our journey and correct us with our mistakes. They don’t encourage us to procrastinate and waste our time partying. Similarly they don’t discourage us to step back in our tough times. So building qualitative relationships is crucial in the 20’s.

After 30’s, we may find it difficult to find both the time and people to build such kind of relations.

CHASING OUR DREAMS :  Often, we listen people saying that we don’t have to forego all our pleasures to achieve our dreams. This may be partly right depending on the nature of our dream as some need more efforts than others. But for any dream to be achieved, some effort is required. When we  put those efforts in our early 20’s  – 30’s, we can live the rest of our life kingsize. If we fail to keep those efforts in our 20’s – 30’s, we have to keep them after 30’s which may not be as efficient as in our 20’s and also feels more tougher.

So those people in their early 20’s should realise the value of time and invest it in qualitative assets that would make our life easier in the later stages. For that, we have to spend this one crucial decade in our lives as if it is not ours and keep motivated & focused on our dreams. Once a good foundation is laid, we can spend our later life much easier without any fears about the future.