“Dream BIG, Aim High . Aiming small is a crime.”

-Dr APJ.Abdul

Everyone is blessed with almost same levels of IQ at the birth. However , it is the need of a person that will make her to improve her potential , thus leading to achieve greater heights and to fulfill growing needs one should always aim high . In other words , aiming for small will relegate the purpose of education and development of a person and a country to the back seat.

For instance; Louis braille , the founder of Braille script accidentally injured his eyes when he was three year old . Then after his need for education and his eye for great things helped him in introducing a special script for blind people. This invention not only brought fame to Louis Braille but also gave hope and life to many blind children.

Why small aim is a crime?

Aiming for small leads to confinement of thinking process of children to what is already existing . It will suppress the creativity in children as small aims doesn’t need much efforts to achieve them. However , the fulfillment of these smaller aims will only bring short-term benefits and happiness thus leading to poverty and dismal state of living and mental health.

Rapid increase in poverty and poor people can be observed when people are aiming for smaller living occupations. Lack of skills will leave them jobless and low-level of living will yield lower levels of respect from the society.For instance ; People from small or lower occupations like municipality scavengers , offices , clerks etc… will have low social status and get lesser respect from the society.

Recognition of innate talents of children from poor backgrounds is almost negligible . Thus, small aims of parents will not only effect themselves but will also damage the future of their children . Under-employment and Disguised Unemployment can be observed in case of marginal labourers.

Small ambitions of Government and  one size fit all type of non-risk taking steps of government will make the dream of Inclusive and Sustainable development a illusion. For Instance ; the top- down approach of Nehru left primary sector occupations like cottage industries , etc… undeveloped.

Small aims of voters like electing their representatives based on caste , fanism , political promises like loan wavers  etc… will lead country into the hands of unproductive and irresponsible governments.

Aiming high : A Window of Opportunity:

High aims will help in improving the thinking process of people and will encourage creative works. For Instance ; Wright brothers who had creative thinking abilities aimed at flying like the birds they have seen and this high ambition oh wright brothers resulted in invention of air planes.

The dream of world during dark night and protecting themselves from animals led to the discovery of fire by our ancestors and further led to the invention of Bulb by Edison.Thus we can say that high aims will lead to innovations and great discoveries.

The dream of making the world a better place to live in without any discriminations led Gautama Buddha to about righteousness and now Buddhism has become a religion for peaceful co-existence and gave an opportunity to victims of caste system to led a happy life.The ambition of Rajaram Mohan Roy to provide freedom of life and dignity to women led to the abolition of Sati system and gave women their right to live.

Having high aims and achieving them will not only bring respect and happiness but will also provide hope and inspiration to the society and to the whole nation . This will lead to emergence of new innovative minds. For Instance ; the great success of Abdul kalam in aeronautical engineering led to sprouting of many talented and creative engineers who now took India on to the Moon through Chandrayaan 1 and 2.

High aims of government of India during Indira Gandhi led to the development of indigenous High Yielding Variety seeds which is helping many farmers to successfully grow crops and also helped in fulfilling the aim of Food Security.

A person with high ambition can make the lives of many safe and easy. He/She can make a country run on a peaceful and stable path. For Instance ; the military soldiers  and police officers will risk theirs lives in doing their duties . It is on their high ambitions that the country is moving peacefully.

The aim and Dream of seeing world countries being friendly without any wars led to the foundation of United Nations Organisation, which prevented world from another World War.

Global NGOs like CARE international , BRAC etc… have worked with the objective of alleviating poverty which gave women and poor people an opportunity to establish their own economic stability and independency.

Small Steps not a crime :

However , having small aims is a crime doesn’t mean that taking small steps to achieve big aims is a crime because bigger achievements are made from smaller steps. For Instance ; the achievement of bigger aims like Nuclear power plants  has been only possible with a small step of making a blueprint or The religion of Buddhism became a famous one only from a small group of followers.

“All men who have achieved great things have been great dreamers.”

-Orison Marden.

Therefore , to make people aim big Educational and social institutions like family , school work stations and governments at various levels have to reward high thinking minds.

‘Having high aims is prime’ because it is through our dreams that new innovations are created. E.Sridaran is the designer and inventor of Delhi Metro Trains which made transportation faster and reduced the burden of traffic on the roads. Therefore , people with great minds are necessary to develop the country and governments with great hands are necessary to encourage these minds.