The march of 2020 India declared a lockdown nationally, being a final year BA student of Osmania University was little taken back and very much worried about my final semester exams. We all students went back to our hometowns to spend the lockdown time with our families and relatives, our parents bought rations sufficient for around a couple of months, some of my relatives even lost their jobs, we have all faced a lot of difficulties and somehow survived the first wave with loss of dear ones, livelihoods, finances and mental and physical health.

The COVID-19 pandemic was the first ever pandemic to experience a worldwide lockdown and the highest death rates in the modern era. The world economy had slowed down amidst the lockdown, and the west Asian crisis. Just when we thought that the world is going to normalcy with wide spread vaccine production there comes the second and now when millions of people took a sigh of relief comes the third wave with a mutated variant ‘Omicron’.
This vicious pandemic had brought a lot of uncertainties into the lives of us students and threw our careers into a limbo. Me being a civil services aspirant had to postpone my coaching program and have a gap in between my course and now left me to doubt my level of preparedness for the coming exam. The second wave had also caused a lot of mental stress I have my whole family got affected by the beta variant except for me and my parents with pre-medical conditions of long-term illness have reached to a severe stage leaving me afraid for their lives and very stressed.

As being Untouched by any of the waves until now, I do not know much about the medical complications of COVID-19 pandemic however I think the second wave is the most dangerous one with both medical and social adversities. I personally faced a lot of mental and occasional stress with all of my family getting affected and a gap in my coaching due to the second wave. Somehow even if the third wave is bad news for all of us, I wish that the preliminary exam of UPSC CSE would be postponed for a month or so, so that I could rectify all my lacune and have a little more time to prepare well enough to clear the exam.

Anyway, like everyone else I hope that this spiraling mutated versions of the COVID 19 virus will stop bothering both humans and animals and set us back on to our path of growth and development. And also enable us students to pursue our goals and reach to the peaks of successful careers. Hoping that those blooming days with full of boons will come soon. Jai hind.