On a fine early winter night of calm sky filled stars and full moon I happened to travel in Hyderabad to my destination where many pursue their aims, dreams, love and careers. Being one among those busy competitive herds I hurried myself to reach that heaven for young aspiring brains.

Though I faced a little hurdle to book myself a ride I somehow managed to get into a mediumly maintained sanitized auto rickshaw only to throw myself into an ironic situation of shivers and kindness.

So, without wasting any more time I will get to the point where my heart started questioning my odyssey to the place of wisdom despite my mom’s stern opposition, (Like every other reasonably concerned parent, she didn’t want me to travel in cabs during night time but I was very determined to reach my destination on that same day.) i.e. when the auto driver all of the sudden stopped the vehicle to the side of the road where there is almost no one on the footpath expect a Begger and drunken old man, out of fear I asked the driver “why did you stop ???”, angrily. He said, “the tire got punctured, please wait mam, I will change it immediately” tensely. That was the movement when my eyes were filled with fire and fear, I was afraid and could feel cold shivers vibrating my body from the spine. Multiple thoughts were passing through my mind what if something bad happens, what if he can’t change the tire in time etc. and etc. At that very point of time in midst of my dilemma and terror my eyes caught the sight of a helplessly tired poor rickshaw driver tensely trying to change the tire as soon as possible fearing bad response from me and at the same time understanding the discomfort I was facing. My fear filled cold heart melted into water, my eyes were filled with fright and empathy both at the same time.

Later I took a deep breath, shuttered myself from those dreadful thoughts, unlocked my phone to turn on flash light to help the poor tired elderly driver in the least possible way I could. He finally completed his work and thanked me for my patience. Rest of the way both of us were very quiet, my phone was dying so I didn’t call anybody. The more we were going nearer to my destination the peaceful and lively I felt. A while later when we reached my place, he once again thanked me for my patience and apologized for my dismay, I just nodded my head and paid him for the safe ride. That was the first time I travelled alone that too in an auto during night time and that the very first time I felt both fear and empathy ironically at the same time.