Since a long long time people who wants to be successful always thought that success is a destination and I heard many people saying to me that if I become an IAS officer I will be a successful person and it will be a happy ending . However, I used to have this strong thought in my mind that of course I will be a successful person for accomplishing my immediate ambition but it won’t be the ending of my success and I strongly believed that accomplishing my immediate goal is the first step towards my successful future where in I have to do many things that will makes me feel successful.

And here comes this famous dialogue from ‘Maharshi’ movie ; “SUCCESS is not a DESTINATION , SUCCESS is a JOURNEY.” This dialogue once again reminded me the  truth in my thoughts and inspired me a lot more than ever.This movie according to me was very thought provoking and its main character remains a ideal one. It reminds all of us that no one and not a single person is perfect and that most renounced people became perfect as they have been continuously correcting their mistakes and misconceptions.His role proves that successful people need not to be stoic leaving all their emotions and relations back but a successful person should have a strong priority list . As said success is a journey i.e, success is about living our lives in our own ways and making ourselves feel successful. If sometimes winning is success ,sometimes failing is success so , success doesn’t have a fixed definition, it changes according to people and situations.

This movie highlights different objectives of life and it somewhere also shows the ideal way of living our lives . It reminds us the fact that we are all social beings and living like one brings us more happiness and makes us feel more successful than becoming a billionaire .It is a strong message to all the people who run after making money and forget to live as humans because whether  people  are  introverts or  extroverts , everyone will feel happy to love and being loved .Thus living like social-being is best way to live a successful life.

Life is about living and success is about living with ourselves , competing with ourselves, celebrating ourselves , supporting and comforting ourselves and ‘ourselves’ include our own-selves, our family , our friends , our surrounding and environment and our whole human-kind . Even though we remain as our first priority ,our successful living includes all of the above. So, coordinating , co-existing and co-operating with everything that effects and services us is our duty.  

And finally success is not only about money and popularity but its mainly about human relations , affections , good-will, love and earning a persistent  livelihood which leads to development.According to me all this is success ,it doesn’t have full-stops but it has only commas and it is about carefully coordinating ourselves with our unending wants and needs.