As the world is racing towards higher technologies in every walk of life, is there any role for age  old  primitive  technologies in the present time ?. Yes i was referring to the relevance of radio in the present generation of 4G and yet to come 5G. With the advent of 4G and VoLTE data transmission the usage of internet took another level,which made internet a basic and one of the most important component in our lives. We can watch high quality content like videos from anywhere if we have a mobile phone which supports 4G. which in itself is a milestone in the history of humans in the field of communication. But one should not forget that it all started with invention of radio, which revolutionized our mode of communication, What the present 4G generation is missing from the radio? we  will dwell on this question in this article.

IMAGINATION… is one of the basic qualities that made us who we are…in the words of Einstein “Any mode of transport can take you from point A to point B but your imagination can take you from anywhere to everywhere”.As radio is only for your ears it leaves much to your imagination and visualization, Just as no two snowflakes are alike , every persons imagination is different. As studies have shown that visualization improves the functioning of our brain which will lead to the improvement in the intellectual wealth in the society. many great scientists like Nicola tesla and Einstein have invented ground breaking inventions just through imagination. This is being hampered in this generation as majority is preferring visual content, which leaves very minimal for your imagination.

It is a wonder that Radio has survived all the technological advances. It is because radio utilizes such a minimum and cheap technology and still could reach anywhere. We are naturally at advantage when using radio due to the presence of ionosphere. When it comes to other modes they utilize micro wave spectrum which does not travel like radio waves. and so we have to build signal towers for every few kilometers distance. Which in turn leads to many environmental damages( a entirely topic for another article)

In India, Radio as an instrument for mass communication was first used as early as 1930s. From then on it took many turns and finally in 1956 ‘AKASHAVANI” came into existence.  The name itself evokes nostalgia for older generation. since then radio has been used as a mass medium for education. In this regard one has to appreciate the contribution of ALL INDIA RADIO. The quality if information provided here is highly authentic. That is why PM Modi choose AIR for his program “mann ki bath”. Radio covers more than 95% of the Indian land mass. You dont have to search for news. they will be broadcast-ed daily at a regular timing with good analysis of all events. Has anyone notices that even an uneducated peasant of the previous generation is well versed in Our epics like Mahabharath and Ramayana? which has a very rich content about our heritage and culture. This was because readability of radio into the Indian masses which is still unparalleled by any new technology.

In the field of education, especially for competitive exams , many good ad quality programs are broadcast-ed in AIR by highly qualified people

The below-listed programs will be helpful for UPSC IAS Exam preparation.


It is the best part of All India Radio. It is in a question-answer presentation and highlights a journalist and a subject expert. It is a great add on to the editorials in the newspaper.

Current Affairs

On Tuesday it covers economics and on Friday current affairs and so on. 50% of the content is covered in English and remaining in Hindi.

Money Talk- Tuesdays at 9:30 pm

Money Talk Weekly Broadcast Programme.

Countrywide- Thursdays at 9:30 pm

They also provide Screen Reader Access to assist people with visual impairments to access the website using assistive technologies. The aspirant should listen to the topic that is being discussed first and then decide if you should listen and download it. The best time to listen to All India Radio news is 9:00 pm to 10:00 pm.

Schedule of All India Radio

9:00 – 9:15 : English news
9:15 – 9:30: News Analysis (Spotlight)
9:30 – 10:00: Current affairs analysis (Fridays at 9:30 pm)

The vocabulary used by AIR is of high quality, As they must describe each and everything in such a detail that it should make the listener visualize. So AIR uses a very high and rich language to make this possible. The listeners also learns different ways of narrating an incident. By using a visual source for learning we partially stop imagining and also lot of less words are needed to describe what is happening as we can see it.

This does not mean that advances in technology is bad for the society but we dont have to forget whats the best part of the primitive technologies. No matter how many new technologies may arise nothing can replace “RADIO”…….