The Human Mind , a wonderful creation of god. Like God created the whole world and life , humans are also creating their own world of metals , concretes and chemicals.This tiny human walnut is so creative and inquisitive that it invented many machines from wheel to space ships , discovered many resources from fire to uranium and learnt about many other mysteries from planets to dark matter.

The humans have started their journey as early men and grew up to the present modern man , evolved from hunters and gatherers to civilized citizens , coded cultures , formed nations and developed economies . They did all these things with one initial goal i.e survival .

The current question is can we consider the thinking , creative and innovative mind of humans as a boon to living or a bane ? Answering this question is indeed very difficult because despite all these achievements humans have been destructive by nature from killing other living organismsĀ  as apex predators in the food chain to killing their own kind in the name of survival , superiority , religion and now development .

Humans have evolved unbelievably from exploring natural resources for their needs to exploiting Earth for their greed to executing other humans for pride of a creed.The silliest paradox is if God created the living , these minds have created their own Gods too and have reached to a stage where they are killing each other in the name of the life giving God ,security is now needed to protect humans from each other than to protect them from other animals.

This beautiful puzzle of a mind started with praising and praying the Mother Earth for her gifts to them like food , water and shelter and now reached to a point of cutting and killing her. The fruits which were once sweetest have now become bland , forests have become concrete jungles, rivers are turning into drainsĀ  and the blue star filled sky is rarely seen.

The one unique and good quality of the human mind is ‘to question’ , which started from questioning their surroundings to questioning their own actions . So its high time for us humans to question our minds as to what we wanted to do , what we are doing and what we have to do to ‘right our wrongs’.

And coming back to my question i.e Mind – a boon or a bane ? The answer to this depends on how well we promote sustainability and humanity in our living.