over the past few years there has been a healthy food revolution,with the increasing health consciousness among the people.so,there is a huge demand of nutrient rich cereals.i have no wonder in saying that the ‘MILLETS’ have grown as a fad in this tryingtimes of chemical enriched food era.
what are millets?
MILLETS are cereal crops and small seed grasses,majorly cultivated in semi arid tropical regions of Asia and Africa.ex:jowar,ragi(finger millet),foxtail millets,pearl millets(bajra),little millet,kodo millet,etc
1)Millets are easily Digestable,Non allergic
2)Rich Sorce Of Magnesium,which helps to avoid the risks of cardiovascular diseases.Magnesium helps to stimulate insulin in human body which further helps in maintaining a balnce of sugar levels,this helps in reducing the chance of type2 diabetes(which is commonly found in developing countries like India)

3)Helps in Detoxification of blood

4)Avoids Cancer Risks:Recent research have revealed that woman can reduce their chances of getting breast cancer by eating 30% fibre rich cerelas like millets in a day.this is the important news that every woman should hear!even people who are diagnosed with cancer are consuming millets nowadays to mitigate the impact of disease in future.
Do You Know?
Millets are used commonly to feed birds,until the health beneifits of millets are known to the world.However in various parts of India millets were used for a variety of dishes.especially for their incredible nutrient composition.
Each millet has some imcredible features..here are some millets and their beneifits:
JOWAR:a)Enriched with iron ,protein and fibre.

b)it reduces cholestrol level in our body

RAGI:This is the well knowm millet to us.Ragi is the power house of Nutrition,it is loaded with proteins and aminoacids.(building blocks of human body)

FOXTAIL MILLET:It has healthy blood sugar balancing carbohydrates.it is loaded with iron ,calcium which helps to strengthen immunity.

LITTLE MILLET:Packed with B-Vitamin,zinc,iron,calcium,pottasium.

BARNYARD:Rich souce of calcium and phosporus,helps in fighting with bone diseases.

BROWN TOP MILLET:This is not only nutritious but also delecious.it contains12.5% fibre,due to which it serves as a medicine for healing life style diseases.

KODO MILLET:Anti diabetic,Anti obesity,Anti hypertension,helps in weight management,cholestrol reduction.

To meet the food demands of growing population especially in india,production of food grains has to be increased drastically.the easy way of increase in production can happen through chemicals and fertilizers.so we are consuming chemical enriched food instead of nutrient enriched food.this type of lifestyle prone to deadliest disease like cancer.as time changing,people are shifting their dietary patterns because of increasing health consciousness among them.Millets occupy the important role in the diet plan of the people.i am not exaggerating it, since from few years i have been observing especially in telugu states,people are showing interest to consume millets.our staple food rice has more carbohydrates which is not that much good for health.thatswhy people are slowly shifting towards millets and other types of rice like brownrice,etc.so,according to my vantage i would definately see the drastic change in the dietary habits of the people in the upcoming years.

Finally i conclude this article with a quote said by Hippocrates “If someone wishes for good health,one must first ask oneself if he is ready to do away the with reasons for his illness,only then it is possible to help him”. good health is the life’s greatest blessing.