MANUAL SCAVENGING refers to cleaning,carrying,disposing,handling,etc.. of human excreta from septic tanks,dry latrines manually by human beings.we generally see that this job was done by backward sections in society .No other sections of society come forward in this case.It is a age-old practice.This practice deteriorates human health due to unhygenic sanitary conditions.

Manual scavenging,in India,banned in 1993.But this practice continues to claim the innocent lives of people.It raises the alarm of death incidents of humans.The level of vulnerability increases as we move from rural to urban areas.

The  data of NATIONAL COMMISSION FOR SAFAI KARMACHARIS revealed disturbing   facts.In India ,for every five days a manual scavenger dies in sewer,septic tank,manhole.In 2013,a new legislation in the form of act was passed,which reinforces this ban by prohibiting manual scavengers in all forms and ensures rehabilitation of manual scavengers.The unknown and miserable fact is that the SWACCH BHARATH ABHIYAN ruins the risk of amplifying the problem even more.

Manual scavenging violates the fundamental rights of those who carry out this job.This includes RIGHT TO EQUALITY,RIGHT AGANIST EXPLOITATION.

There are many problem associated with the employment of manual scavengers.manual scavengers face the problems :like:

1.Health issues.
2.Social discrimination .
3.Economic discrimination.
4.Lack of awareness.

These problems can be addressed through :

1.Rehabilitation and reintegration of manual scavengers.
2.Creating effective laws.
3.Proper allocation of funds.
4.Creating awareness among masses.