I was 15 years old when I wanted to experience the pride of having that blue ink on my finger. I had to wait long to stand in a line in front of the polling booth where people gossip about the probable  winner and about the schemes of present government , activities and attitudes of politicians.

This waiting made me more curious about making my voice heard. It made me enquire everyone about the feeling they got when they first casted their right.I asked whether it made them feel proud or responsible or felt worse-like not coming back again due to a hit of strong summer sun.

Some said its a feeling which can’t be expressed in words , some said  funnily that they felt great but officer didn’t their finger properly, some said that its like being on cloud only for a second after waiting soo long . Some said that they were in confusion regarding whom to support and didn’t think of anything else.The more I heard from people the more curious I felt.

My inquisitiveness made me know about almost everything regarding elections like who is Election commissioner , what are electronic voting machines(EVMs),voter-verified paper audit trail(VVPAT),how are elections conducted at general and state level elections , what are constituencies and also enabled me to have a brief understanding over the general elections and trend of governments from first general elections (1952-1957).

I even got to know about NOTA(none of the above ) and I decided that I shouldn’t cast for NOTA because if the majority people cast for NOTA the party(candidate) with next majority will form the government .

Since I turned 18 I waited for the moment of Elections but when it finally arrived now I couldn’t cast it, I couldn’t feel that pride , honor , responsibility , confusion and I couldn’t get my finger inked.I missed it , I missed completing my duty and left my right unused.It makes me feel a disgrace for not being able to cast my “VOTE.”