Before examining the performance of India in Global Hunger Index we must understand the concept of hunger. “Lack of sufficient calories in one’s diet” can be termed as Hunger. India has ranked 102 out of 117 countries in the GHI index. India’s position is regarded as SERIOUS in the severity .This year the index was based on a title Climate Change – Hunger , where climate change was seen as the major cause for increased hunger in the world due to its impact on food production and food security.

The index was given based on 4 indicators –

Child wasting
Child stunting
Child mortality rate

India has bettered it’s performance in reducing undernourishment of children and child mortality below 5years compared to the previous years. But India has to concern for it hosting the highest number of wasting cases in world with around 20.8%.

The GHI index is important to any nation as it helps in understanding the levels of hunger in their countries. This works as a tool to MEASURE and TRACK hunger at different levels – regional,National and Global. It helps to assess their performance by comparing with other nations and to follow measures to tackle the issue.
Role of government in improving India’s position :
It is a dire need to India to come up with action plans to improve its position as the south Asian neighbour countries like Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan are ahead of India in their rankings. India has taken several measures to tackle the issue of poverty and hunger in the recent years which includes-

India has launched POSHAN ABHIYAAN as a part of NATIONAL NUTRITION MISSION to increase the nutritional levels among individuals
MID DAY MEAL schemeĀ  & ANGANWADI programme has helped in providing nutritious food to children below 5 years to tackle undernourishment
Through PM MATRU VANDHANA YOJANA , lactating mothers were given cash incentives to afford for medical and other needs of the child
Government has indulging itself in providing several vaccinations for preventing diseases such as polio,rota viruse etc
Through PM BHARATIYA JAN AUSHADHI KENDRAS ,the medicines were made affordable and accessible to the poor
As the climate change is severly affecting the storage of food produced government has come up with several policies under National food security scheme to improve storage facilities
The very important step taken by government is through INTEGRATED CHILD DEVELOPMENT PROGRAMĀ  for overall development of a child

Though government has taken several measures to tackle the issue of hunger ,the role of citizens and civil society organisations is very important to bring significant advances in this.