Martin Luther King said ,” Intelligence with character , that is the goal of true Education.” For instance ; In the ancient days children were sent to Gurukuls where they were not only taught about Vedas and other sciences but were also taught of how to live , how to think and how to behave with elders and in society.

However , present day education system is becoming more materialistic and less realistic. In other words, everyone is now focusing on technical education and neglecting morals which is leading to serious aftermaths like increasing juvenile crimes , distancing human relations and lessening humanity in people.

Clouds of Education without values :

The bridge between Education and Values in people is the main cause for many serious issues like Eve-teasing leading to suicides by young girls , Juvenile crimes like robbery , chain snatching , murders etc…

There are many instances where we see children being very negligent and irresponsible in doing their own works and disrespecting elders which turns them into inhumans.

Government officials who are well- educated are resorting for corruption practices and exploiting poor people which proves lack of morals and values in them.

Female infanticides and beliefs in superstitions are other two effects of valueless education . These are not only self – destructive in nature but will also damage the social harmony  leading to both destruction and misuse or under-use of human resources.

Caste discrimination , gender inequality and social disparities are also caused due to lack of values in people  which are pulling young educated students and distressed elders towards terrorism.

Silver linings of Education with values :

A student with values , a government officer with values, a leader with values and a country with values is more worthy and wealthy than a economically rich person or country because morals and values are very important to bring unity and responsibility in people which will in turn help in achieving progressive , sustainable and inclusive development as people with values will always work in a rational way.

Education accompained with values will help people to think in a broader way thus helping to establish an Egalitarian casteless society.

Encouraging children to learn and live in practical way will help them in developing non-conventional knowledge and respect the views and opinions of  others.

An educated person with values can make everything that is wrong into right . She/he can help in ensuring effective and efficient working of government and can also be a responsible and ethical citizen .

For instance ; Educated leaders like Mahatma Gandhi , Nehru , BR Ambedkar , Abdul Kalam Azad , Vallabai Patel , Sarvepalli Radakrishna etc…who had great values , thus helped in abolishing many social evils like sati system , child marriage and finally helped in transforming India into a democractic state .

Education and Values : Brothers in Arms :

As Nelson Mandela said “Education is the mostb powerful weapon which you can use to change the world “.Thus , if Education is not accompained by morals and valus then it can lead to serious problems like terrorism , naxalism , sexual harassments etc …  For instance ; Distressed jobless engineers are joining into Naxalism and terrorism which shows their lack of values and sensitivity towards terror groups.

Therefore, education and values should be brothers in arms who can make world a more beautiful place to live in . They can lead to both social and economic development.

Towards a Brighter future :

Towards this cause , government of many states in India have introduced subjects like personality development , Gender equality , ecology etc… and also encouraged participation of students in social service activities like swacch bharat , working in farms or assisting farmers , helping old age homes and working in national service scheme etc…

Therefore , parents and teachers should show more emphasis in developing morals and practical knowledge in children as ” towards children are tomorrow’s leaders”, who can lead the country in a more responsible and progressive paths.