Criminalisation of politics is one of the serious problems in today’s electoral process.supreme court recently gave a judgement which kept onus on political parties to publicise the criminal antecedents of the candidates who are contesting elections.The present lok sabha has an all- time high 43% of parliamentarians having one or more criminal  cases registered against them which has increased from 23% in 2004 to 43% in 2019.This shows that these days more candidates with criminal antecedents are entering the lawmaking house. This is being made possible by ‘money power’ and ‘muscle power’.These two ills are influencing the voter behaviour making them vote in favour of them without considering their criminal antecedents.                                                              

  Why are political parties not selecting the candidates without criminal blemish? Political parties should avoid taking winnability as a criteria for selecting candidates to contest elections.Instead political parties should consider whether the candidate has any criminal antecedents or not.                                                        

  If prisoners are not allowed to vote during elections,then why are candidates with criminal antecedents are allowed to contest elections?Decriminalisation  of politics is necessary to establish ‘swacch politics’.