Insecurity leads to  revolts and revolutions and then achievements”

We have seen many revolts like people revolting against  Imperialism , women revolting against Subjugation by men , blacks revolting against Racial discrimination , deprived classes revolting against Caste discrimination , minorities revolting against Majoritarian system and even worse things like different religions revolting against each other.And when we look for the very reason which caused these revolts , the most probable answer will be ‘FEAR’ and ‘INSECURITY’.

Even the very recent events like BREXIT , Andhra-Telangana bifurcation etc…  were also caused because of these feelings of fear and insecurity among people. When we look at the gravity and aftermaths of all these revolts.We can observe that some of them are productive and re-creative whereas some of them led to  serious societal and political problems like communalism etc…Thus , we can say that the feeling of fear in humans or human emotions can lead to both construction and destruction of any thing.

This feeling of fear which is considered as  no quality of brave and successful people is indeed a root cause for that bravery in many which led to achievements.Though fear in people led to serious problems like communal riots , it is still the main cause for people to revolt against many social evils. Fear is not only the cause for revolts but it can also be a motivator .When we start moving forward in life along with that fear of ours and especially when we try to defeat the cause which caused that fear, then our biggest fear will turn into our strongest strength and our fear becomes into our motivation to work harder and harder to achieve our ambitions. But since childhood we are all taught that fear is a wrong thing for successful people or to become a successful person.And we were also taught that ” fear is the first step towards failure”.(and of course it can be our step towards failure only when we stop doing something in fear of failing to complete it)

However , it is my view that fear is a feeling of insecurity and this feeling has two way effects .

a)Fear becomes the cause for our success if we work with it against the thing or person that caused it.

b)Fear becomes the cause for our failure  if we stop trying, with the fear of failing to complete or compete something or someone.

Thus, we can say that like a coin has two sides , human emotions also have two sides. One , they can destroy us if we  stop our life from moving forward with them.Two, they can become our strength and lead to great achievements if we move forward in life with them . So, I  say that ” don’t be afraid of having fear for something but don’t let that fear to eat away your courage and confidence “.

“When Fear becomes motivation success will soon follow”