“The feeling of belongingness to a particular region and strong patriotism towards that particular region is called as Regionalism”. The basis for regionalism in India started after Independence during formation of Indian Union . As said India is a Union of different people of different cultures , religions , customs and also regions.

The very base for regionalism in India started with the statehood recognition of each region on the basis of their cultures , customs and mainly languages. Later development became became the main concern due to the domination  of  developed majority people  against undeveloped minorities.

Like Mahatma Gandhi said ” the development of the countries lies in the development of its regional villages”, now the backwardness of a particular region and unequal distribution of wealth and development led to formation of regionalism and regional political parties like Telangana Rastra Samithi in Telangana , Telugu Desham Party in Andhra Pradesh , Anna DMK in Tamil Nadu.

The very recent recognition of a region with statehood is Telangana. The division of Telangana from the then united Andhra Pradesh is due to the inequality in distribution of  wealth and development activities which acts as a live example of  Regionalism.

However , division of each region as a state will lead to fragmentation of India into small parts. So, ensuring equal distribution of wealth and development  and equal representation can only curb the chaos made by regionalist groups.

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