Ofcourse,rights and duties are complementary to each other.Enjoying rights without performing duties makes an individual irresponsible,which is detrimental to the process of nation building.Performing duties without enjoying rights makes an individual’s life miserable.So rights and duties are equally important in the life of an individual.Sometimes we must prioritize one over the other according to the context.        

Rights:                                                                Rights are provided to an individual to ensure him a dignified life.Rights are the entitlements that an individual is entitled to.Part-3 of Indian constitution enshrines fundamental rights which ensures a dignified and equal life to all the individuals.Articles -14 to 32 provide fundamental rights to all the citizens of  India.The role of fundamental rights is to stand against  ‘Dehumanisation’.The rights are to ensure dignity and equality to all individuals.The second role of fundamental rights is to stand against ‘Hierarchy’.Rights should be extended to everybody no matter what a person is or what a person does. He\she need not meet the threshold of worthiness to enjoy rights. Everybody has the right to live a dignified life. So the twin objectives of rights are:                 

 1. Anti dehumanisation.                  

 2. Anti-hierarchy.                                                       Recently,the CJI,citing Gandhi’s Hind Swaraj,said ‘real  duties are the result of performance of duty’.If this is the case,then,the marginalised and the vulnerable will be affected.Their life will become miserable.               

Duties:                                                              A duty is an obligatory act of an individual.It is necessary for an individual to perform his duty when he\she is enjoying rights.Article-51A of part-4A of Indian constitution envisages the fundamental duties that are to be performed by an individual.By placing the burden of rights without providing rights makes the marginalised and the vulnerable,even more marginalised and vulnerable.The objectives of fundamental duties are: Nation building;  Establishing brotherhood;etc.                           However,it is necessary to understand the objectives of both rights and duties equally.It is only after guarantee to all the full sum of humanity,dignity,equality,and freedom promised by the constitution,that we can ask of them to do their duty.It is,‘real duties are the result of the fulfillment of the rights’.It means when an individual is provided with rights,he\she will be able to perform his\her duties effectively.